Choosing the Right Paint Color

Choosing the right paint color is one of the most challenging tasks for a DIY consumer. How do you coordinate colors? How do you make sure the color you choose isn’t too light, too dark, too bright or too dull? And how do you ensure that the color you picked on a paint card will look the way you expect it to look on the wall?

Fortunately, there are a variety of color selection tools that are designed to answer those questions. To help you on your color journey, try using any or all of these tools and resources that will guide you in making your color decisions.

The Color Wheel

The standard color wheel will help you identify various types of color schemes. There’s the monochromatic color scheme, in which you use various shades of the same color such as blues, greens or reds. Then there are complementary color schemes, which feature colors from opposite sides of the color wheel—i.e., reds with greens, oranges with blues, and so on. There is also the split complementary color scheme, which pairs a color on one side of the color wheel with the two colors on either side of its complement. And you can’t go wrong with an analogous color scheme, which uses three or more adjacent colors on the color wheel to create a pleasing color combination. When selecting one of these color schemes, decide which color you want to be the dominant color in the room. Use the others for accent colors—for accessories, area rugs, bedding, or wall décor—and use white or another neutral color for trim and baseboards.

Paint Color Selector

The Benjamin Moore color selector is the place to start for choosing specific colors for your next painting project. You’ll find paint colors arranged by color family—whites, grays, neutrals, blues, greens, reds, etc.—and you’ll also find color brochures with gorgeous photography that will provide inspiration and ideas for perfect color combinations. You can look at brochures in-store or download them from the Eastern Paint website.

Online Color Tools

Online color tools at will allow you to “color a room” electronically to see what specific colors will look like in various spaces—living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, home offices, and even on home exteriors. There is also an option to customize the experience by uploading your own photographs.

“Try Out” Your Colors

Another way to select colors is to try them out on a small area before painting an entire wall.  Eastern Paint offers 1-pint samples that you can use to test out on your wall or your sample board. A sample board will give you the flexibility of moving the color around to see what it looks like in various parts of the room. If you do several sample boards, you can easily swap them out before making your final color decision. 

Tap into Color Expertise

Sometimes you know what colors you want but you are looking for someone to validate your choices. In other cases, you may need a color expert to offer their knowledgeable opinion about which colors go best together and how they will look on your walls. Eastern Paint provides that type of expertise every day, giving you the confidence to proceed with a selection of colors that will look spectacular in your home.